Print in Colour (March 12th – April 9th 2014)

Stephanie Cook

Allison Hylant

Sophie Greenspan

Eddy Miramontes

Jason O’Connell

Miller Schulman

Lauren Sobolewski

Joslin Vachon


In the Interaction of Color Josef Albers describes the Bezold effect as a perceptual mixing of color by arranging dabs of paint in proximity to one another. Exercise XIII-1 was influenced by Wilhelm von Bezold who wrote about the possibilities of this effect on art, design and manufacturing processes. (The Theory of Color and it’s Relation to Art and Industry, published and printed by Louis Prang in Boston, 1876).

In this exhibition the artists have designed patterns based on the Bezold effect to discover the possibilities of color space in print. The work produced disrupts the predictable effect by intentionally engaging with the with the mechanics of printing. One iteration of the work explores color mixing by exchanging plates, collaborating, printing multiple layers and cropping. Another mixing idea is explored by blending color ink on the slab and roller. The installation of the work becomes an extension of color mixing by responding to the architecture of the space through hanging configurations and arrays.

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SMFA Travel Course to Johannesburg, South Africa

apartheid museumThe Print + Paper Area has been excited to offer the SMFA’s first travel course using our long-time relationship with Artist Proof Studio and Pumani Paper in Johannesburg. Led by two SMFA faculty, Michelle Samour and Emily Lombardo, the group arrived just last week and have started work in the studio collaborating with students at the University of Johannesburg.

Michelle writes:

“Our students arrived safely on Friday and hit the ground running! They were greeted by the 4th year students who I have been working with who insisted on making an official South African Braai (cookout) for them.  It didn’t take them long to make new friends!

The weekend was spent visiting an animal reserve a couple hours outside of the city, the Nirox sculpture park, the Constitutional Court and the Apartheid Museum. 
Today our students met their collaborators from the University of Johannesburg and Artist Proof Studio.  It was an exciting and very powerful interaction where they focused on ‘sense of place’ and explored areas of commonality and difference. The students were divided into 3 groups and were very animated in their discussions. Tomorrow they will start their collaborative projects working between the Pumani paper studio and the print studios at UJ and Artist Proof.”


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Silkscreened Pancake Breakfast!

Asuka Ohsawa’s Special Projects class in silkscreen had an awesome in-class breakfast this morning, screening chocolate syrup onto pancakes! Yes. Chocolate syrup. Pancakes were made on a hotplate then brought to the screen studio. Syrup was poured onto the screen and squeegeed onto the pancakes, just like ink. Add a little butter and maple syrup and voila! Mmmm…

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